Nándor Neruda (HU)

Team Driver

Nándor Neruda - Team PROCRAWLER®
Nándor Neruda - Team PROCRAWLER®


Nándi started to drive RC cars by a Traxxas Slash in 2017. He found it fun but he wanted to have more challenge. That’s how he has found RC rock crawler cars.

His first model was an MST followed by a Traxxas TRX-4 which he found surprisingly capable. After then he joined Team PROCRAWLER as a Team Driver. For first he run a Flatgekko™ C23 V2R Maxxx™ and recently a Yuuki™ FS1 V1 Maxxx™.

“I have many podiums of that I am truly proud of. My favourite results are always that had to be fought for. My primary goal is always to do my best.”