Flatgekko™ Reviews Are Your Love Proven And Our Inspiration

We at PROCRAWLER® work like a dog to support you getting better and better scale rock crawling performance. And you truly appreciate it as we read all your reviews. Thanks so much for the tons of your Flatgekko™ Love.

Photo: Petri Kivikoski ➝


“With #procrawler I found the same motivation and passion that drives me: curiosity and design experiment to increase performance.”

— MASSIMO BONVINI, European Champion / Factory Driver @PROCRAWLER®

“I love my Flatgekko™ angled skid to make breakover really smooth. You can slam it down low and raise it up high without shock keys, links are perfect weight. I can run any axles and transmission. The geometry is 100% on point for anti squat.”

— MATT BANDY, X1 Rig Killer Comps® Champion ’20 / Team Driver @PROCRAWLER®