New Stuff

Flatgekko™ XC23 V1 LCG Chassis System

Opening all-new dimensions in your LCG scale rock crawling experience.

Thoor™ S9 17V 4S Brushless Servo

Meet the all-new Thoor™ S9 17V 4S High-Torque Waterproof Brushless Servo.

Grind™ 431 V2 LCG OD Transmission

The 69g total weight with skid makes the Grind™ 431 V2 LCG OD Transmission the lightest ever.

Yuuki™ FS1 V1 LCG Chassis System

The IFROC®/WRCCA performance scale & freestyle crawler power unleashed.

Grind™ 328

The ultimate LCG OD transmission for your straight front and portal rear scale rock crawler setup.

C23 V2R LCG Chassis System

Go ultimate. Own and leverage the lightest and most complex performance LCG crawler chassis system.

Flatgekko™ Bullbone™ Body Mount

Powerful universal body mount made of SLS printed high-tech nylon polymer with metal inserts for long lasting threads.

Stonerockr™ LCG Offset Wheels

The all-new superlight and high-tech Stonerockr™ LCG offset wheels have just arrived. Boost your performance now!

Premium Silicone Shock & Differential Oils

Discover the complete viscosity range of laboratory tested and calibrated premium silicone shock and differential fluids.

G2 Waterproof Premium Graphite Silicone Grease

Meet PROCRAWLER® G2, the high-performance, advanced-technology semi-fluid waterproof lubricant.

Flatgekko™ Driver Caps

Kill ’em all lines like a King. Wear your Flatgekko™ Caps like a crown.

Flatgekko™ Driver T-Shirts

Complete your driver experience with the Flatgekko™ T-Shirts.