2024 Season Bundle

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2024 Season Bundle

Full Setup On Standard Prices

Don’t compromise in 2024! We @PROCRAWLER want you to have the ultimate #podiumkiller setup for your 2024 comp season so we decided to unleash the full power setups of our pro level LCG crawler chassis systems for you, but on the standard kit price also with an extra giveaway.

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Save Up To 53%

We took our performance option parts and packed them into the standard kits but still kept the pricetag on the standard level. What’s more: we also added a G2 Premium Silicone Grease for you so you are good to save 40-53% depending the type of 2024 Season Bundle kit you pick:

Flatgekko™ C23 V2R Maxxx™ CMS ➝
Flatgekko™ C23 V2R Maxxx™ AMS ➝
Yuuki™ FS1 V1 Maxxx™ AMS ➝
Madstockr™ SCX10II CMS ➝
Madstockr™ SCX10II AMS ➝
Madstockr™ Enduro CMS ➝
Madstockr™ Enduro AMS ➝

2024 Season Bundle

Yuuki™ FS1 V1 Maxxx™

WRCCA Performance Scale maxed out. Or need a powerful cheater? You got home, baby!