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Join Funders Club™ & Do Raise To Rise

Why Crowdfunding & Funders Club™?

So many reasons we had here @PROCRAWLER® to start something brand new when it comes to new product launches. First we were bored about the classic pre-order way. No salt, no pepper about them.

We wanted to collect all of our heros, the early adopter drivers who show love for us and our products and we wanted to give something back for them.

With Funders Club™ we planted the culture of our “Do Raise To Rise” approach.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Funders Club™?

Funders Club™ is a crowdfunding community panel and members club established by pro rock crawler system designer and manufacturer PROCRAWLER®.

Its mission is to gather early adopter rock crawler RC drivers with the proud willingness to support the hobby by actively participating in the crowdfunding of brand new performance products.

With Funders Club™ we planted the culture of the “Do Raise To Rise” approach where PROCRAWLER® and Funders Club™ Members mutually support each other to challenge and push the limits of the hobby wider and wider.

How Does Funders Club™ Work?

Time to time after a hard development phase PROCRAWLER® releases new performance products or product lines to the public. Before getting these new products or product lines available to reach by anyone straight from stock a Funders Club™ campaign is launched.

A Funders Club™ campaign offers several reward options for the drivers from a single product to a dealer bundle. These reward options may include price discounts and additional stuff(s) as well.

IMPORTANT – Price discounts are offered by PROCRAWLER® only in Funders Club campaign reward options, no other ways. Standard price discounts are never used or applied by PROCRAWLER®.

Who & How Can Join Funders Club™?

It’s free for anyone to join Funders Club™ as a Member. The only to-do is to purchase any of the reward options of a live Funders Club™ product campaign.

A one-time Funders Club™ reward option purchase gives Members a lifetime membership, that means the Member is entitled to enjoy all the benefits of the Club Membership without any time limit right after the first purchase.

What Are Funders Club™ Membership Benefits?

The Members of Funders Club™ are entitled to enjoy the following benefits:

  • Invitation to the Funders Club™ closed private Facebook group where we share insider infos and sneak peaks with the Members
  • Special Funders Club™ offers and/or Limited Edition promotions
  • Free Funders Club™ Swag (T-Shirts, transmitter lanyards, etc.)
  • Insider informations before public product releases
  • Fix store-wide user discount option based on the level of the Member’s annual Funders Club fundraising activity

Please note that we work hard to expand the range of Membership benefits so feel free to get updated about them time to time.

How Long Does A Funders Club™ Campaign Last?

Regarding length of time the level of funding goal reached we @PROCRAWLER® use different types of Funders Club™ crowdfunding campaigns.


The campaign ends when the End Date is over. The project will receive the raised fund only if 100% or more of the funding goal has been reached until the End Date. If funding goal hasn’t been reached all purchases will be refunded.


The campaign ends when the End Date is over. The project will receive all funds raised even if the funding goal has not been reached until the End Date.

Funders Club™ Campaigns

Proud Funders

Alberto Sobredo Paz / Alex Muresan / Andrei Laszlo / Bernd Weiser / Bogdan Craiciu / Bucur Adrian / Chatelard Jerome / Damien Boinet / Daniel Mortensen / Frandos Dan / Glad Nicolae PărăuHoratiu Chindris / Jaka Verbič / Károly Kéninger / Kjell Johnsson / Marcio Correia / Massimo CiampinelliStefan Zimmermann / Thomas BiesThomas SchirmerTobias SchmittYves Giubourt

♥︎ Thank you and those Funders who asked not to share their names here so much!