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Flatgekko™ C23 V2R Supaflat™ LCG AMS Chassis Kit


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16 reviews for Flatgekko™ C23 V2R Supaflat™ LCG AMS Chassis Kit

  1. Jody Morrow

    Where do I begin?
    What brought this to my attention at the time was the unique design.
    I was not looking really for another chassis at the time. but it talked to me and told a friend about it and we ending up getting 2 of them at the time. 1-superflat and 1-original.
    The way that it is designed to give you the capability to get more ground clearance and keep the weight low is unique and awsome.
    The versatility of the many ways you can set this chassis up is unbelievable and unique.
    You know to be totally honest, the other reason that was a deciding factor. It was the response to questions I had and that feeling you are not just a person buying a product from a company! You will become a family member with us!
    You will not find one staff member that is rude, non friendly and unwilling to answer any questions or concerns you might have about this great chassis. The owner and founder is not like any other owner. He want you to feel like a family and friend! Nor will you be treated like a number! That being said any questions I can answer feel free to ask as well.
    I can honestly say this for a fact! You will not be disappointed!

  2. Chris Addison

    Just finished up my 1st Procrawler Flatgekko CMS. This was my first ever custom build that I put together. I am also pretty new to the RC crawling world. With that said this build process was a great learning experience. When I purchased my Flatgekko I immediately felt like I was joined into a RC family. These guys are very responsive in answering any question that come up during the build and I can tell that they have a passion for what they do. I have bought quality products from different places and know that you get what you pay for but these guys go way above and beyond the initial sale to make sure your experience is a good one. Thanks to the whole Flatgekko team for a great product and all the help. Look forward to the next one!

  3. Daniel Siegl

    I am super happy with how my Flatgekko with Capra Axles works!
    * nice chassis
    * perfect after-sales experience

  4. Dennis Mount

    This chassis is absolutely amazing! But the people that run Procrawler are even more amazing! They have the best customer service I’ve ever seen! I just can’t say enough great things about Procrawler! 12 out of 10 rating!

  5. Scott Green

    I have ran several different chassis over the years I’ve been into crawling. I’ve had to opportunity to build and compete in several classes with decent success, but just never could find the edge I needed to grasp that 1st place position. Myself and Jody Morrow purchased our flatgekko’s at the same time. Got the chassis built and spec’d out for US Class 2 competition, and was able to pull off the win the very first comp it went to! Balance side to side, front to rear was nearly perfect without much effort. The link geometry and clearance around the front end is perfect! Everything is nice and tight with no binding anywhere.
    I can’t say enough about the flatgekko family with the backing and support for their products! Every question and/or concern has been handle both quickly and professionally! Because of this, I now own 3 of these chassis’s.

  6. Robert Neumann

    An awesome, knowledgeable and super friendly team comitted to their products like hardly any other brand on the market.
    I have honestly never felt so in touch with the product and the team behind it.

    I really fell in love my C23 Flatgekko Supaflat and am constantly working on getting it in shape for next year’s (and my first) comp season
    Hopefully I’ll be meeting some of you guys in person there.

    Cheers guys, for introducing me to a new tier of this hobby we all share!

  7. Chris

    Excellent products. Very high quality RC rock crawler frames and accessories. Very good communication and support or help with assembly if needed.
    Fast shipment.

    Highly recommended!

    Coming very soon their own designed transmission!

  8. Hans Hansen

    Great kit, and fast shipping!

  9. Jason Gedney

    I can not say enough good things about the team at Procrawler. Their RC crawler chassis and accessories are hands down they highest quality setups on the market! The performance is jaw dropping and unmatched!! I own 2 of their chassis and 2 others from companies I thought were unbeatable, Procrawler surpasses the boys in so many ways.
    Ok so most importantly, Pierre and the fellas go above and beyond to help their customers with any needs and questions they may have on what suits their needs the best and any after sale questions. Most a super responsive and happy to help presale then that service declines when you have questions. Not these guys!!!! Their always happy to help answer any questions you need before after and even when their not at work.
    If you want the best of the best you’ve gotta go with Procrawler, You’ll be blown away!!
    10 out of 5 stars!

  10. Jim Toyo

    Very capable chassis kit (V2R). The clearance is impressive, compined with trx4 axles, soa, grind transmission, full droop, creep body, high clearance links etc.
    Recommended for competition builds!

  11. Jérôme Brun

    Excellent chassis, very efficient..
    Superb finishing of all parts.
    Allows you to make a superligh and efficient assembly!
    A big thank you to Pierre for his availability, for the quality of his answers! Even on weekends!!
    Procrawler! To consume without moderation !

  12. Bluedog custom rc crawlers 865customs

    This is my second flatgekko lcg chassis and as with the first one this chassis is absolutely amazing. Fit and finish is great and shipping to the USA was very quick. I would recommend to anyone who wants a great c2,c3 or lcg cheater rig.

  13. Bluedog custom rc crawlers cus

    Absolutely amazing chassis!!
    This is my second flatgekko and both are amazing performers. Also the team at Procrawler are super helpful and shipping is very fast. 5 out of 5 ⭐️

  14. Francesco Rossi

    Great experience and awesome products. C23 V2 chassis rocks!

  15. Jamrozinski Arnaud

    This chassis fulfills all my expectations, the Grind 431 gearbox with its overdrive is extremely efficient, the top. I’m still waiting for my “revolver” type motor and ESC. But I was too eager to test it last weekend with a brushed combo. See you soon PROCRAWLER pros!

  16. Massimiliano La Porta

    Beautiful packaging. Excellent material quality, super light components. Courteous in giving information.

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