Bálint Czere (HU)

Founder / Factory Driver

Bálint Czere - Team PROCRAWLER®
Bálint Czere - Team PROCRAWLER®


Bálint started crawling when he was 1 and started RC crawling when he was 8. His father got tired of his cheap toys failing over and over again and bought 2 Axial AX10 Scorpions, which Bálint later rebuilt to an SCX10 and then to an SCX10II. As he grew older Bálint started to get more and more invested in the hobby, visiting competitions and finishing with good results.

Pushing for even better performance he began looking at LCG setups and implementing tactics and princeples into his rig. Being the first one in Hungary to start building like this he has the most experience on this matter here. As a Founder he designs parts and tests prototypes @PROCRAWLER to see if they provide the expected performance and if they are durable enough.