Easton Curry (US)

Team Driver Junior

Easton Curry - Team PROCRAWLER®
Easton Curry - Team PROCRAWLER®


After his proud daddy, PROCRAWLER® Team Driver Rickie Curry joined our family, Easton took dad’s Flatgekko™ comp rig and pulled a 2nd place on the 23RC New Years Comp 2021/2022 Novice Class in prompt. As we are not blind, at that point it wasn’t a question for Rickie and us to equip Easton with his own Flatgekko™ C23 V2R LCG Chassis based rig in Jan 2022.

Then this angel face kido turned into #podiumkiller mode and finished 1st @March Madness Chief Logan, 3rd in Novice Class and 4th in 8 & Under Class @Young Guns Shootout. This led us to open the Team Driver Junior program @Team PROCRAWLER®.



4th @Young Guns Shootout 8 & Under Class 2022 →
3rd @Young Guns Shootout Novice Class 2022 →
1st @March Madness Chief Logan 2022
2nd @23RC New Years Comp 2021/2022 Novice Class