Sárkány by Dennis Mount (USA)

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    • Dennis

      First off thank you sir! I had planned on using the portals but with the 92mm Dravtechs I didn’t feel I was getting the cog where I wanted it. I feel like 70mm shocks would be spot on but I had already bought the Dravtechs and I had the rockjocks laying around so instead of buying new shocks I threw on the jocks and the ride height was right where I wanted it. So basically It was a case of use what you have kind of thing. I’m planning another gekko build and I’m going to get some 70mm shocks and use the portals then. So stay tuned for my next build it’s going to be a epic!

      • Cristian Graf

        You can use smaller tires to lower the COG as well ! Btw – the Rockjocks are the most beautiful axles in RC world – only the first scratches hurt 😉


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